Apple iPhone 8 Rumors, Price and When Will iPhone 8 be Released?

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One of the most awaited smartphones today is Apple iPhone 8. Based on the information we get, this new smartphone will be released in a few months later. The rumors also tell about the more detailed specs. From the rumors, we also know that there will be some improvements from this smartphone. So, you need to pay attention to the following discussion which talks about the rumored specs.

when will iphone 8 be released

Most rumors tell that iPhone 8 will come out in the early of September this year. Besides that it will also offer some new features to make it more interesting.

As we know, Apple will have a big anniversary in this year.  So, many people have big expectation from this new smartphone. They all hope that iPhone 8 will be something special.

There are many sources of rumor that spread about the Apple iPhone leak. They all talk about the changes, new features, and other aspects related to this smartphone. If you are curious about it, here are the more detailed specs offered. However, the fooling specs are still just rumors.

The Design of Apple iPhone 8

Apple iPhone 8 design can be considered as the most impressive option compared to other Apple smartphones. It will come with glass panel on both front & back. Besides that, it will also offer curved borderless OLED display. In addition, it also does not offer Home button.

Apple iPhone 8 design leaks

When Will It Be Released?

Actually, Apple has not confirmed yet about the time it will be released. So, Apple iPhone 8 release date is still unknown. However, there are many experts who predict that this new iPhone will come in the early of September. So, you can see this smartphone in the market in this year. Now, you can expect that it will come out a few weeks or months later.

After it is released, you may be able to buy it soon. If the release date will be in September, so it may go on sale in October. However, some rumors also report that you need to wait for Apple iPhone 8 until the next year if you are interested in it.

What’s New in Apple iPhone 8?

Compared to the previous generation, the new iPhone will have some new offers. So, you need to pay attention to the following new Apple iPhone 8 features. Firstly, it will come with a big AMOLED edge-to edge display on the whole front side of the smartphone. The new screen also makes it look smaller but it has a bid display.

Then, the processor is also new and it will be really faster. Besides, you will also find some new features including dual camera and wireless charger.

In addition, we also expect that the new iPhone will have fingerprint sensor located under the screen. It functions to avoid rear mounted scanner if it is designed at the back.

The color is also new with gloss white that makes it really stylish and elegant. Lastly, it will also have longer battery life.

Apple iPhone 8 Cost

Actually, nobody knows about its price because Apple is still silent about it. However, we believe that the price will be more than 1,000 dollars because of the improved specs.

Apple iPhone 8 Operating System

Recently, Apple announced the new iOS 11 operating system that they will use on the new smartphone. So, you can expect this OS for iPhone 8.

Besides, it will also come with some improvements related to Apple Pay, Siri, photography and other things.

It will also get fresh feature such as Apple Maps and customable Control Center. So, Apple iPhone 8 is recommended so much for you all.

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