Google Pixel 2 Rumors : Specs and Release Date

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We may have known that Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL both are really great. They are well known with the good design, camera, features, etc. That is why there are many people who are interested to be Google Pixel users. However, they are actually not perfect. There are many critics related to design, price, and some other aspects. That is why Google improves and wants to launch the new and better smartphone. It is the next generation of Google Pixel. We can call it Google Pixel 2.

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In this article, we will focus talking about the rumors of specs, features and other offers of this new smartphone from Google. We know that this new smartphone has not been released yet. However, there are many sources which tell about the rumored specs. So, we will discuss about Google Pixel 2 specs related to design, features, price, and release date in more detail. So, you will know it earlier. However, you have to keep in mind that the following specs are still rumors because Google has not confirmed yet. So, the predictions may come true or not.

The Variants of Google Pixel 2

Firstly, we will talk about its variants. Like the previous model, the new Google Pixel will also offer 2 different variants. In the last year, you know that there are Walleye as the smaller one and XL that is bigger. However, there is also a rumor which says that Google wants to launch the third option that is bigger than Google Pixel XL. So, you can choose it based on your desired size.

According to a trusted source, Google Pixel will only have 2 variants. They are Walleye and also Taimen. So, Google will remove Muskie device. It means that you will have the larger option of Google Pixel. However, once again it is still a rumor.

The different sources tell different rumors. So, it may be confusing. One rumor says that Google will prepare HTC that made Pixel & Pixel XL in the last year. However, there is a new rumor which tells that Google will join with LG. Of course, it becomes very shocking news. Anyway, Google Pixel 2 variants are still unknown. So, it will be better to wait until Google announce it officially.

The Release Date of Google Pixel 2

So far, Google has not confirmed yet about Google Pixel 2 release date. However, we hear many sources of rumor about the release date of this new smartphone. Even though it is still a rumor, usually we have the right guess.

Usually, Google releases the new smartphones in the fall every year. For example, we still remember where Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL were launched in October last year. So, this new Google Pixel may also possibly be released in the same month in this year. The future Google Pixel will come out with pre order first and then the sales will be available a few weeks later.

The Specs of Google Pixel 2

Similar to the previous generation, new Google Pixel will also come with high end specs. Based on the newest rumors, it will also offer 2 variants where the first is smaller one with 4.97 inches of display. This display will come with Full HD resolution. So, the images produced by this smartphone will be perfect. Besides that, it will also use the newest Snapdragon 835 chipset for the processor. This device will also be equipped with spacious RAM, 4 GB. The internal storage memory will also be amazing because it will offer 64 GB capacity. However, we can also expect the more spacious option.

There are many interesting features offered by this future Google Pixel. One of them is the 2 front facing stereo speakers. This will be more than a great feature. However, it will come with 3.5 mm of headphone jack. It means that you will need to plug in the headphones with an adapter included in the box. What to keep in mind is that all these rumors are still not confirmed yet. So, they are still possible to go wrong. Another rumor tells that this new Google Pixel will not offer headphone jack like its rival, Apple iPhone 7.

Still from the same source of rumor, we also hear that Google Pixel 2 will not feature footstep like OnePlus, Huawei and LG. Even more, the camera rumors are still debatable. It means that possibly this new Google Pixel will not come with dual camera at the rear. However, we still believe that Google will offer the great camera for the newest smartphone to attract the customers. In fact, Google Pixel got the best DxOMark rating with 89 score. It shows that Google Pixel always makes camera as one of the most important features. So, you do not need to worry about the future camera offered on this new smartphone.

The great news tells that this future Google Pixel will have a dust and water resistant design. It is expected to be IP68 or at least IP67 rated. It means that this can survive in the water with up to 1.5 meter depth up to 30 minutes. As we know, the latest Google Pixel has only IP53 rated. So, if this rumor really comes true, it means that the future Google Pixel will have a great improvement.

For the larger option, it will be similar to the smaller one in some aspects. For example, it will come with Snapdragon 835 chipset as the processor. Besides that, it will also offer 4 GB RAM. Then, it will also feature the same camera. For the design, it will also come with waterproof design but this larger option will not be equipped with 2 speakers on the front. There is also a rumor which claims that it will be featured with 128 GB storage internal memory but it we still expect the possibility of more spacious capacity.

The most noticeable difference between smaller and larger Pixel 2 is on the screen size. Even though the screen size is still not fixed yet, many rumors believe that it will come with about 5 up to 5.99 inches of screen. Anyway, both of them will apply QHD display to optimize the resolution and image quality.

In relation to the software, both Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 will go with Android O that will be the first for both variants. Maybe, we will get some unique features on this smartphone. Overall, the specs are satisfying. So, we can only hope that Google offers the best specs for these 2 variants of future Google Pixel.

The Design of Google Pixel 2

Talking about Google Pixel 2 design is very important and interesting but the fixed design is still unknown since Google has no confirmed yet until now. We are sure that Google will play it safe with generic look even though it will have little glass window designed on the back.

One of the newest rumors says that it will quiet similar to the previous Google Pixel design but it will offer some small differences. It means that you will find the new Google Pixel with a stylish metal body, large bezels with 2 front facing speakers, & glass panel located on the back of the device. However, the glass panel is not surrounding the fingerprint reader anymore even though it will still be located on the rear of the device.

Related to Pixel XL, there are some differences. The rear design will look identical to the smaller option of new Google Pixel. However, there will be some differences on the front of the device. According to the rumors we hear, it will be featured with small bezels located around the Pixel screen. It is similar to LG G6 and Galaxy S8, 2 of some best smartphones today.

It really makes sense because this smartphone will feature a wide 5.99 inch display. With bezel less design, it means the new Pixel XL will have much more compact compared to other smartphones that come with the same screen size. Besides that, it will also be easy and ideal to carry this new Google Pixel to anywhere.

The Price of Google Pixel 2

The latest Google Pixel series are affordable enough. They are priced at 649 dollars (32 GB) & 749 dollars (128 GB) whereas XL variants are priced at 769 dollars (32 GB) & 869 dollars (128 GB). How about the future Google Pixel? Even though the fixed priced is still unknown, you must know about the estimated price.

We all hope that the future Google Pixel will be less expensive. However, it will not happen because the specs will be better. So, we all are sure that this smartphone will have a premium price. So, the price will be same or even higher than the latest Pixel price.

However, considering the competitors, Google will not offer too high price. So, it will be better to wait for Google Pixel 2 until it is officially released. Hopefully this new smartphone will satisfy all the customers.

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