LG V30 Release Date and Specs

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Today, there are many people who wait for Samsung Galaxy Note 8. However, if you can be more patient, I recommend you to consider LG V30. It may come out a little bit longer than Galaxy Note 8. This new LG smartphone will be released in the end of August in this year.

when will lg v30 be released

The release date has been confirmed so that it may come true. We should not wait longer than August to see this new smartphone. Because it will offer many improvements, LG can be confident to be able to compete with the big rivals from other companies.

LG V30 release date will be divided into 3 great events. The first is at IFA 2017 where it will be held in Berlin. So, you should wait for it for see the fixed specs of this upcoming LG smartphone.

The second is that this smartphone from LG will come out a week after Samsung Galaxy Note 8. As we know, Galaxy Note 8 will be released on 23rd of August. So, LG V30 will be launched on 31st of August in 2017.

In different countries, it may be available in September in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. So, it may be available in your country a little bit longer. You have to wait for it patiently.

For the screen, it will have 18:9 screen that comes with round corners. Besides that, it will also be featured with OLED display. It means that this smartphone will improve from LCD to OLED.

In relation to LG V30 processor, it will use Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset. For the operating system, LG will offer the newest OS. That is right that LG V30 will use Android O. Now, we should wait for LG V30 until it is officially released.

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