Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Date, Specs, News & Rumors

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After many people are disappointed with Galaxy Note 7, Samsung is ready to satisfy the customers with the future smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Today, the review about this smartphone has been spread. Samsung will not repeat their mistakes and this future smartphone can be a perfect comeback. This new smartphone will be a high end smartphone where there are many people will love it so much. Some rumors predict that it will come out in August or September in this year.

The Release Date of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

As the rumors spreads, many people believe that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 release date will be in the end of Augustus in this year. However, some rumors tell that it will come out in the early of September. Only some rumors that believe that it will be launched in October.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 release date
Picture of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 above is not the official picture. It could be a leak picture or even a result of photo editing.

It makes sense because some other new smartphones are also going to be released in around August or September in 2017. So, we may be able to find this new smartphone in the phone market a few months later. Whether it will be launched in August or September, it will be better to wait for the official release date.

There are different sources about the release date of this future smartphone. What to keep in mind is that it will be launched soon. And the most important thing is that it will be available in the phone market in this year.

The Screen of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Based on the hottest leaks, this new smartphone will come with groundbreaking screen. Besides that, it will also be the first smartphone that applies pixel-dense 4K screen resolution. With this screen, it means Galaxy Note 8 will have a very high quality display.

For the screen size, it will possibly come in a 5.7 inch screen. However, it is still a rumor. There is also a rumor which says that this new smartphone will offer the larger screen, 6.2 inches. This is the more possible leak. But there are some rumors telling that the bigger leak is also possible with 6.4 inch screen. Whatever the big will be, we are sure that it will feature QHD+OLED display that come with minimum bezels.

It is also possible that Galaxy Note 8 screen will offer “Infinity Display”. This rumor also makes sense to compete with the competitors such as Galaxy S8 or S8 plus.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Screen

Samsung may want to maximize the screen-to-body ratio on this new smartphone. So, they will offer the best screen. However, we still do not know whether the leaked of this new smartphone is official or not.

There is one more rumor related to its screen where this smartphone is predicted to come with a foldable screen. It may sound impossible but who knows? Everything is possible by the tech goes more modern and more sophisticated.

Based on the rumor, Samsung will launch 2 foldable phones in this year. So, it may be Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy Note 9. Once again, it is still a rumor.

Besides preparing Galaxy Note 8, Samsung is also preparing their future smartphone named Samsung Galaxy X prototype. However, Galaxy Note 8 is still awaited so much by the customers.

In addition, next year Samsung may introduce Galaxy Note 9 that will come with foldable screen. Besides that, Galaxy Note Edge will also be available with curved screen.

The Design of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

In relation to Samsung Galaxy Note 8 design, it will come with glass as well as metal materials. Even though “Infinity Display” also belongs to the rumors, it is still less possible.

There are many rumors which say that this Galaxy Note 8 will be similar to Galaxy S8 where it comes with a curved glass front & back. However, this new smartphone will offer a high quality camera. For the dimensions, it is predicted to come in 182.4 mm x 74.5 mm x 8.4 mm. For the camera bump, it goes up to 9.5 mm.

We are still unsure about the fixed design but we hope that this smartphone will come out a few weeks or months ahead.

What we can say is that this Galaxy Note 8 will promote new Exynos 8895 for the processor that can improve the performance. Besides, it will also have a small bezel compared to Galaxy S8 and S8 plus. Then, it will not offer any button on the side.

From other news, this new smartphone will features a pressure sensitive screen which brings up some different menus & options. As we know, S8 & S8 plus also have it. The difference is that this smartphone does not have home button.

One of the most interesting rumors is that this Galaxy Note 8 will offer fingerprint sensor. However, until now the company still does not give the sign of launching fingerprint scanner for this smartphone. As we know, S8 and S8 plus have fingerprint scanner at the rear next to camera lens. However, the most ideal placement if it really comes with fingerprint sensor is under the display at the front.

The Camera of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

One of the offers that make this new smartphone interesting is the camera. Samsung will upgrade the camera and this smartphone will have a dual-lens. Besides that, it also offers 3x optical zoom so that it is very good for telephoto. Then, it is also appropriate for wide-angle. Therefore, we can say that its Samsung Galaxy Note 8 camera will be really amazing.

With upgraded camera, Samsung allows you to try more fun things in capturing objects. Same with Galaxy S7, Note 7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S8 & S8 plus, it will also be featured with 12 MP camera. However, we also anticipate the possible differences besides the dual-lens.

Actually, the 12MP camera is designed for wide-angle. So, if you want to perform telephoto, you can use the 13MP camera. If you are interested in 3x optical zoom, you just need to combine them.

Besides that, it also offers 5MP camera for the front. This camera is good enough for taking selfies. Besides that, it can also provide clear video for video calling. Considering the rumors above, we cannot expect more from Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

The Battery of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Because Galaxy Note 8 will come with a wide screen, the battery should also have big capacity. After paying searching the information, we find that this smartphone will use a high quality battery with 3,300 mAh capacity. Actually, Samsung can offer the bigger options, but it is more realistic. However, we can also expect the bigger battery capacity.

As we know, the disappointment of S7 is mainly caused by the battery failure. Now, you do not need to worry because the battery offered for this new smartphone will be safe with more internal tech. It also becomes one of the reasons why Samsung more likely to offer the smaller battery capacity. With the small battery, hopefully it will stay cool better. Anyway, we all hope the best for this smartphone battery.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Power and Operating System

To know how powerful it will be, we need to pay attention to the rumored power and OS below. The hottest leaks tell that this new smartphone will be powered by Octa-core processor that comes with 3 GHz processor speed. This is a very powerful processor. Besides that, it also offers new operating system, Android Nougat. For the internal memory, it offers 2 different amazing storage options. The first is 64 GB whereas the second one is 128 GB.

Even though the RAM is not released, we are sure that it will have 2 options. The first option is 4 GB RAM and the second option is 6 GB RAM. In addition, it will also offer 2 chipset flavors: Exynos 8895 in the United Kingdom and The Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 in the United States. Anyway, this new smartphone will be better for multitasking.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 835

Besides that, the internal memory is also very useful. With the spacious storage, you have plenty space for android apps. It is double than the other most Samsung flagships.

Samsung has renamed TouchWiz to “Samsung Experience”. Actually, it is likable. We hope the new OS is better like Android 7.1.1. Even though some people predict that it will come with android O, Android N is more possible to come as its operating system.

Other Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

There are still some other speakers that you will find on this new Galaxy Note 8. One of them is a stylus that will come with a speaker. Besides that, it is also predicted to be going to come with a fingerprint that is built into the Note 8 screen. The next most interesting rumored feature is an iris scanner. Then, the rumors also tell that Bixby Al 2.0 will be found on this new smartphone.

According to most rumors, the scanner will be placed similar to Galaxy S8. However, it may be slightly away from camera. In addition, this new smartphone will also be featured with new high quality speaker.

Then, the iris scanner will provide the better security. With the improved tech, you can secure your smartphone safely.

Next, you will also find that it will come with dust & water resistant. Even more, it will also offer microSD card slot for extra storage. Last, it will feature Fast Charge where you can recharge the battery via USB-C fast. Once again, it will also offer wireless charge. So, you can charge it with more fun and more easily.

The Price of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Because there are still some specs that are unknown, the fixed price is still unknown, too. However, it is predicted to be priced more than 1,000 dollars. This smartphone is similar to S8 plus but actually better. That is why the price is high enough.

Of course, we all hope that it will come with the more inexpensive price so that we can save money. Some rumors say that the price will be around from 1,000 dollars up to 1,200 dollars. It is more expensive than Galaxy S8 plus. However, you will also get more than Galaxy S8 plus. Anyway, the price can be different in different countries. So, it depends on the country where you live.

What to Wait on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

We know that there are many people who are satisfied with Galaxy Note 7 but there are many reasons why you have to wait for Galaxy Note 8. It will surely much better than the previous one. This new smartphone is designed for you who belong to S Pen users. It is for you all who refuse to work on the smartphone without a stylus. For those all people, this smartphone will be worth to wait.

Even though this new smartphone is awaited so much, you cannot forget that Samsung also has Galaxy S8 plus. In fact, there will be many similarities between them. One of them is the screen size because it Galaxy Note 8 will most possibly come out with 6.2 inch screen. If it comes true, it becomes the top size compared to other Galaxy Note smartphones before it.

As it is mentioned before, there will be 2 possible options of RAM. They are 4 GB RAM and 6 GB RAM. We can expect that Samsung will offer the best one so that 6 GB RAM may come true for this new smartphone. Besides that, we also hear that this Galaxy Note 8 will have 4K display. This amazing display is purposed for a leap in the Samsung Gear VR gaming where it can provide higher pixels. So, you can use this smartphone more excitedly including for gaming.

So, after you pay attention to the rumored specs above, you may think that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will meet your need. However, if you do not need a stylus and a high-end VY headset, you can consider S8 plus that is more affordable.