Samsung Galaxy S9 Release Date, Rumors and Specs

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As we know, Samsung Galaxy S8 has just been launched in this year. However, the hottest news says that Samsung is preparing to launch the next generation of Galaxy named Samsung Galaxy S9. Even though it is still in the production process, many people are waiting for it because Galaxy S8 is still not perfect.

Besides Galaxy S9, Samsung may also launch Galaxy S9 plus together with it. Of course, there will be some improvements compared to Galaxy S8.

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The Price & Release Date of Samsung Galaxy S9

Starts from its release date it is still not fixed yet. However, Samsung has confirmed that the next generation of Samsung will come out in the end of March next year. However, we can also hope that this future smartphone will be launched sooner in the end of February next year.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Release Date
The illustration picture of Samsung Galaxy S9

In relation to Samsung Galaxy S9 price, we predict that it will be expensive enough because of the improvements offered. As we know, Galaxy S8 is priced at 720 dollars. So, the next generation can be the same price or even higher.

Samsung Galaxy Rumors and News

There are many sources of rumor which claim that Samsung has started the first stage of producing this new smartphone. The rumor about its release date is also spread widely and fast where it may come out sooner.

In relation to the processor, the most rumors tell that it will come with Snapdragon 845. It is more powerful than S8 where S8 is powered by Snapdragon 835. So far, we can only tell no more than its Snapdragon 845 chipset. However, we also hear about some other rumors about the possibility of featuring Exynos chip to S9 headsets.

One of the biggest rumors about Samsung Galaxy S9 features is that it will be equipped with fingerprint sensor like what S8 offers. It will come with new Qualcomm Fingerprint Sensor that is really sophisticated. Besides that, this new smartphone will also offer OLED tech for more advanced specs.

The fingerprint sensor will be located below the glass. However, it is still not sure about the placement. There is also a possibility where it will follow iPhone 8.

In addition, we also expect that the rumor about water bounce will come true so that this new Samsung Galaxy will be easier to use in the rain. As we know, there are still so many other rumors related to this new Galaxy S9. So, we should be careful to accept the rumors and news.

What to See on Samsung Galaxy S9

As it is mentioned before, there will be many improvements. So, it is very interesting to talk more about Samsung Galaxy S9 changes. In this article, we will share what we all want to see from this future Samsung Galaxy:

  1. Foldable Scree

We all may have ever heard about Samsung galaxy X that comes with a foldable display. Now, there is a big rumor which says that Samsung Galaxy S9 will also come with foldable screen. However, this rumor is still debatable and not too trusted. Anyway, it will be a great idea if it comes true. So, whether it is a right rumor or not, it will be better to wait for the future Samsung Galaxy until it is officially released next year in March of 2018.

  1. Smaller Version

Samsung does not want to offer the bigger smartphone than iPhone SE. However, Samsung gas Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 plus for mid-size & wide phone lovers. Anyway, Samsung does not prioritize the size. Even more, it will come with the smaller version. As we know, too big screen makes a smartphone not comfortable to hold. So, Samsung wants to make Galaxy S9 ideal for everyone. That is why it will come with the smaller version. For the fixed size, let’s see until Samsung announces it officially. The fixed and detailed specs may come out a few months later.

  1. Fingerprint Sensor

Everyone wants that the future Samsung Galaxy will feature fingerprint sensor. Based on the rumors we hear, it will come true. The fingerprint sensor will be located under the screen like what it offers on Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S9 fingerprint sensor
Many Consumers want to see at Galaxy S9, the fingerprint sensor should be be located under the screen.

Besides that, it will also have a touch-sensitive home button. It is also located under the device display. Comes together with fingerprint sensor, this button will be very useful. Anyway, fingerprint sensor can be considered as one of the best safety features for a new smartphone.

  1. More Affordable Price

Samsung is brave because they increase the price for the latest product, Samsung Galaxy S8. So, how about the future generation of Samsung Galaxy? Because it will come with many improvements, actually it is reasonable and predictable that the future Samsung Galaxy will be priced much more expensively. However, you do not need to worry because Samsung does not want to lose their customers.

Actually, the price of Galaxy S9 is still unknown. Samsung has also not confirmed yet about it because it is still in the processor of production and the detailed specs are also not fixed yet. However, Samsung will reduce the price to attract more buyers. If it comes with higher price, it will not be too far from the previous Samsung Galaxy. So, the price will be reasonable enough. Even more, we can also hope that it will have more affordable price.

  1. Dual-Lens Camera

Another most awaited feature from Galaxy S9 is related to the camera. Everyone wants that the new Samsung Galaxy will be equipped with a dual-lens shooter. If it comes true, it will be similar to LG G6 and iPhone 7 plus.

Because Samsung wants to always improve the camera, it seems that this expectation will be realized. With dual-lens camera, Samsung Galaxy S9 will be much more fun. You can capture any desired object and you can see how amazing it is. That is all everything to know about S9. We hope that it will come with satisfying specs so that everyone is interested in this new Samsung Galaxy.

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